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Stowage conditions
1.- The maximum stowage height is 2.35 m.
2.- The maximum stowage weight is 3,420 kg (to ensure the structural integrity of the base stevedoring vessel).
3.- The total length of the 2 pallets is 39ft.

1.- They are considered boats without installed accessories (Spashwell, bench and tray).
2.- First you must select the base boat for stowage (consider the boats of greater length).
3.- In the upper cell (bed 2) it will be automatically updated according to the selection "Base bed" giving only the option of the boats that can be stowed according to their dimensions (width, length and heigth). Indefinite
4.- The above process is repeated for bed cell options 3, bed 4, etc.

The products marketed by   se venden bajo el Término Comercial Internacional EX Works (EXW Incoterm), lo que significa que el comprador de la embarcación es totalmente responsable del seguro y el envío, y debe organizar para recoger desde en nuestras instalaciones de fabricación en la Ciudad de México.

For more information, we recommend consulting with third-party logistics companies (3PLs), freight forwarders or other logistics operators.

  has specialized personnel at your disposal to provide you with any commercial or logistical advice you need.

Custom boats (Luxury) are recommended to be transported on an open platform. Because they cannot be stowed because they have accessories that can be damaged or affected, such as console and awning (T-top), in case they are required to be transported in a marine container or dry box, they must be transported without an awning to be able to be introduced in these types of transport.

The conditions of international sale for these products marketed by IMEMSA are under the incoterm EXW (Ex Works), which means that all insurance and freight liability are borne by the buyer of the vessel, who must collect it at our facilities (Plant) in Mexico City.

For more information, we recommend consulting with logistics operators (3PL Logistics Companies or Forwarders).

IMEMSA will always put at your disposal the specialized personnel to provide the necessary advice (Commercial and / or Logistics).